100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel
100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel
100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel
100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel
100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel

100% Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel

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***Due to the high temperatures in UPS warehouses, your product may not arrive frozen/cold. If your gel is melted upon delivery, it is STILL SAFE to consume! Just stir and place into the refrigerator. IT WILL go back to it's gel form***

*** This is a NATURAL product, color will and can vary, but the nutritional value is still the same!***


100% Wild crafted Irish Sea Moss Gel


Info: The Human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Sea Moss contains 92+ minerals. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, chromium, sulfur compounds, protein, iodine, selenium, manganese, potassium, iron, zinc, B-vitamins and vitamin C and much more.

 Irish Sea Moss is a great addition to be added into your daily routine, it's time to receive all of its wonderful benefits. Your health is your wealth!

Sea Moss Benefits:  Irish Sea Moss helps regulate your Thyroid, Suppresses appetite, relieves muscle soreness, boosts immune system, kills viruses, nourishes skin and hair, helps reverse ED in men, reduces inflammation throughout the body, removes excessive mucus, rich in iron, boosts mental health and energy, relieves acid reflux and much more.

Directions: Take 1 to 2 tablespoons a day by mouth. 

How to use: You can take Sea Moss by itself or add to your smoothies, coffee, teas and to your favorite recipes! Usage of this product is different for everyone. If you are running low on your product, simply reduce your intake to 2 teaspoons.

 Sea Moss is a perishable item when in gel form. This product MUST be refrigerated for 3 weeks or can be frozen for 3 months for maximum potency. 

 Do not take if you are allergic to sulfur, pregnant, breastfeeding, taking Blood thinners or Iodine. Always consult with your Physician if unsure. 

 Ingredients: 100% Wild crafted Irish Sea Moss and Spring Water

Blends: You can also get your Irish Sea Moss Blended with the following Ayurveda ingredients:





Raw Honey





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