Black Women and Cannabis Membership and Organization

You can find all things related to our Black Women and Cannabis(B.W.A.C.) activities, core values and upcoming annul retreats. Make sure to check in to Quarterly to find updated blog post and news articles related to all things Black Women and Cannabis related!!


What is Black Women and Cannabis(B.W.A.C.)?

BWAC (Black Women and Cannabis) is a trademark pending organization who's main goal is to help Black women get established in the Cannabis Industry. We are a product and research development organization who's main focus is agriculture, Black Women farmers, Black Business Women, Black Women in Tech(STEM) and Black Women who have a general interest in the Cannabis Industry.


Previous Events: CANNABIS AND CONVERSATIONS: A retreat to discuss all things Cannabis and the effect that is has on the African American Community and also bridging the gap and connecting Black Women in the Cannabis Industry through fellowship and conversations(See previous flyer).  


For more detailed information about our members only organization, retreats, Cannabis and Conversations events, please email us