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Irish Sea Moss has given me more energy. I used to be in bed by 8:30 and now I’m going until 11 and still don’t have a problem getting up for work.

Mike D.

I've noticed my energy levels have increased, my skin is much more smoother and clearer. I've also noticed that I'm more "regular" too! I love Irish Sea Moss!

Marnie G.

 I did a face mask with my Irish Sea Moss blended with turmeric and honey and my skin is definitely brighter and smoother!

Adrienne C.

My blood pressure has lowered I went from being 180/86, 170/80 to 111/60 even have had reading as low as 90/60 since taking Irish Sea Moss!

Johnette C.

I have noticed that the Irish Sea Moss has helped tremendously with expelling the mucus in my chest. Definitely has been a game changer. I add 1tbl spoon to my protein shake along with collagen powder.

Tanya T.

So I have high BP. I don’t take my meds. My BP is usually 130-140s over 90-100s.
Doctors visit today 120/80. No meds just 2 jars of sea moss!!

Dap B-Lee

I bought the new blend and couldn't wait to try it so I decided to add it to my morning tea ritual yesterday. I have some dry herb sea moss but I prefer this blend better. 

S. Reeves